Sunday, March 20, 2011


Dualistic or Conceptual reality is an attempt by our intellectual ego to understand something that it cannot understand.  The reason that the intellect cannot understand the true nature of reality is because it is in and of itself an idea with the sole purpose of formulating ideas to describe instances.  When a perceived reality is founded on concepts or ideas then it cannot be reality. Imagine yourself holding a broomstick behind yourself as a seat, then trying to lift the broomstick to a point where your feet no longer touch the ground.  Similarly, ego, in order to define itself and to create within itself purpose and individuality, strives to identify with its own ideas about the universe and in doing so is founded on its own ideas about itself.  An idea has no substantial reality and therefore conceptual reality can be described as a reflection or illusion conjured up as a result of the intellectual ego striving to conceptualize something that cannot be conceptualized.

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