Monday, February 28, 2011

 "All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts."  -Buddha
 The moment that we are able to see that every thing we perceive is just a fabrication of a conglomeration of ideas that we call self or ego, then we experience reality.  Reality is what always is regardless of feeling, idea, concept, opinion or reasoning based on any of these.  This is not to say that once we see reality then all of a sudden we stop thinking and become brain dead or become emotionally cold, but rather that we are able to escape the "mind trap" of ego, and are able to realize that our thoughts or ideas of self as something separate from everything else are empty of any substantial reality. Out of the realization that the self is not real but rather just a collection of insubstantial ideas, comes the falling away of these ideas, the falling away of the idea of a separate self. There is a body and a brain with electrical impulses, and even these are like a wave which will eventually settle back into the ocean. Could you imagine if every wave had an ego that became offended and punched the next wave because the next wave came too close and invaded its "bubble" or because it was being to turbulent :) , or was sad because no other waves loved it. Or it became frustrated because it could not fathom it own purpose in the universe. xD LOL! Once we as waves see that we are not independent of the other waves then there is no longer you vs me, or this vs that. There just IS.   There is no need for meaning because meaning or purpose is just a concept which is created by ego which is in and of its self a bunch of concepts and concepts do not really exist. There are no enlightened waves or unenlightened waves. There is just the ocean. "I" becomes just a description for an arising of what IS. Like a wave of the same ocean, Each wave being a different perspective for the ocean looking in on itself or in the case of the wave that has not yet shed ego, ignores the rest of the ocean and pretends that the other waves are separate from itself.  The moment the wave looks in on its self however, and sees the ocean, it realizes that it is just an arising and that really there is only ocean. Then there is only being one ocean.  The illusion of ego, and all the ideas that are its building blocks drop away, as do expectations, and with expectation falls disappointment  and with disappointment, falls suffering... until finally there is only the calmness beneath the waves.  

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